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How to use

Repair Station is a Windows application, so you have to download and install it. Repair Station requires an active internet connection. To start using Repair Station, you will need to create a free login.
To be able to unlock hard drives, you will need to purchase a license. License codes are emailed immediately after payment. Before purchasing a license, please run Repair Station in the free diagnostics mode – to make sure that the hard drive can actually be unlocked.
Special requirements
Repair Station extracts hard drive passwords from the firmware area, which means that Repair Station must be able to talk to the drive at the lowest possible level. Therefore, Repair Station has some limitations on how a hard disk can be attached to a PC for the unlocking to work.
The firmware accessing protocols Repair Station uses to extract passwords are not compatible with the following:
  • USB or Firewire enclosures or adapters
  • IDE-to-SATA adapters/bridges
  • PCI RAID/AHCI add-on adapters
  • IDE or SATA ports running in RAID or AHCI mode
In order for Repair Station to work, the hard drive must be attached directly to the IDE or SATA port located on the motherboard. The port must function in a non-RAID and non-AHCI ("legacy") mode.
If your motherboard has RAID functionality, please make sure that it is disabled in BIOS. Please configure all IDE and SATA ports to work as a legacy, non-AHCI storage ports. This can be done via BIOS Setup; please refer to your motherboard's documentation for more details.

When configuring SATA ports, make sure that they are mapped as independent Master ports and not as Master/Slave (IDE emulation) – some systems will allow you to configure this.
Platform: Please note that some SiS chipsets render Repair Station quite unstable. We strongly suggest that you never run Repair Station on a SiS platform. We have also received reports that Repair Station may not recognize hard drives in some Dell, HP and Compaq computers. The best results can be achieved by using a motherboard based on an Intel chipset.
All IDE hard drives have to be switched to Master (or Single) mode. This can be done with jumpers. No other devices such as second (Slave) HDD or CDROM are allowed on the same cable.
Our Questions and Answers page might give you some additional information on how to use Repair Station.
PS. If you feel uncomfortable with changing BIOS settings or attaching hard drives, then we suggest that you ask someone who knows PC internals for help.
Common problems
How can I launch Repair Station without a working Operating System?

Repair Station requires a fully working Windows OS. It will not work off a Windows boot CD. You will need a fully working computer to which you attach the locked drive as a secondary drive. If your computer does not allow attaching two drives at the same time, then you will need to find one that allows at least two drives.

Repair Station reports that the hard drive is inaccessible

The most probable cause for this message is a misconfigured platform. Please refer to the Special requirements section of this page.

Another possible cause is that the hard drive is physically damaged and does not respond to commands. This is easy to verify by trying Repair Station with a good working drive.
Unlocking process
The unlocking process is fully automated. Simply launch Repair Station, log in into your account and select Unlock. Usually the process takes about 2 minutes, but in some cases it may take up to 20 minutes.
After each unlock you will have to re-power the hard drive by powering off and on the computer. This is a very important step; resetting or rebooting the computer is not enough.
We do our best to make Repair Station as easy to use as possible. However, due to technology limitations, the process might not always go flawlessly. If you have any difficulties, feel free to contact us.
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