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September 1, 2005

The limits are gone!

We are excited to offer our new licenses. Now you can use Repair Station without any time limits. Our previous service plans will remain available.
We have created five new licenses:
  • License for 1 recovery, no time limit (EUR 39,50/USD 49,50)
  • License for 3 recoveries, no time limit (EUR 69,95/USD 87,95)
  • License for 12 recoveries, no time limit (EUR 229,95/USD 279,95)
  • License for 36 recoveries, no time limit (EUR 519,95/USD 639,95)
  • License for unlimited recoveries for one year (EUR 1999,95/USD 2499,95)

Previous service plans (Economy service plan, Standard service plan, and Ultra service plan) will remain active. If you already have activated any service, you can purchase any of these new plans and all unused repairs will pass to your new service plan even if your previous service has expired.

A link to the full list of services:
A link to the comparison table:

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our services.

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