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A-FF Data Recovery collects personal information only when you sign up for our services. A-FF does not rent, sell or share any personal information to/with any third party. The information you provide is used only for accounting and authorization purposes.
A-FF does not receive and/or store any information regarding your credit card transactions with us; all transactions are processed by and PayPal via secure HTTP connection. Please refer to Share-It Privacy Statement and PayPal Privacy Policy for more information.
A-FF does not receive and/or store any files from Customer's hard disk drive when a Customer uses Repair Station and HDD Unlock Wizard. Our software can access only the internal system area (firmware area) of a drive which contains drive's defect lists, SMART logs, etc. There is no user data in that area.
A-FF logs your IP address and pages you have requested from its website. A-FF uses that information to improve its website and services.
Should you have any comment or question regarding our policies, please feel free to contact us.
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